„The art at play“

High-quality living and life accessories with dual function


Great pictures and interesting art combined with a game possibility.

The „art objects“ are virtually floating in front of the wall and if necessary,
they can be placed on a table to play together. A multiple joy for all passionate players and art lovers.
Appreciation combined with appealing aesthetics and double benefits.

Currently three common board games are realized in combination with beautiful pictures:

  • nine men’s morris
  • Chess
  • checkers

The products are made, with a lot of manual work, locally in Baden-Wuerttemberg and may therefore bear the label

The products are generally, in Internet sales, only personalized as a single piece.
Special requests are possible in individual contact at any time. On request, very much, even as an absolutely individual single series, for selected customers, or even as exclusives unique. It is up to your, very personal, wishes.

Plans call for the possibility of ordering via the Internet in mid-April 2018.

The retail price for end consumers in Germany will be 995,-€ plus shipping costs. Different prices in other countries.

We have carried out extensive tests for the quality, which is absolutely handcrafted in BW. You can also use our product in the garden. If it rains unexpectedly, nothing will happen if you return it to your home immediately.

Our product is designed for several decades indoors.